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Why leaving the antiquated OTCBB does not matter May 26, 2010

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I appreciate this perspective on the OTCBB. The complete report is available by subscription here, but here are some excerpts from the May 13 Reverse Merger Report.

“It’s likely that the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) will soon be history, but that does not mean the end of over-the- counter markets. Just as the old OTCBB has been disappearing, another system has been rising in its place. Pink OTC Markets, the company that bought and transformed the nearly 100-year-old Pink Sheets, has been growing and taking over as the quote platform for smaller, non-exchange listed companies. In fact, it has been the existence of and the efforts of Pink OTC that may have hastened the end of the old Bulletin Board …  ‘The world has changed, technology has changed and the Bulletin Board got a bit long in the tooth,’ explained Stephen Nelson, founder of the Nelson Law Firm in White Plains, N.Y. … the Pink OTC has much to offer over its competitor … the technology is more advanced, the service is better, and the associated relationships and infrastructure that Pink OTC brings to the table are attractive to companies and investors. It has also promoted itself and created a recognized brand with a strong identity. While the OTCBB was sort of just there, Pink OTC has worked to generate consciousness about what it does and what it offers. “



1. Mike LeVan - May 27, 2010

Thank you for this update. I had noticed on scottrade that AEHI is now listed as being provided by the Pink OTC Markets, Inc. I am guessing this means there is no effort to move back to the OTCBB now that we have moved to the new and improved format provider.

cleanidahoenergy - May 27, 2010

Mike, thank you for your interest. We are on both exchanges, but no new market makers will be solicited for OTCBB as it is going away

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