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Nuclear is the choice for desalination July 12, 2010

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After a decade of drought, Australia is adopting desalination on a large scale, according to this story in the New York Times. Some are deriding fossil-powered desalination plants as “white elephants” and this story shows why it is time for nuclear desalination plants: fossil desalination plants are expensive and pollute with carbon and other emissions. Our subsidiary, Green World Water, is specifically designed to address the worldwide shortage of fresh water with zero-carbon, low-cost nuclear technology.

This excerpt from the article sums up the situation well, and why nuclear makes the best desalination source:

“Many environmentalists and economists oppose any further expansion of desalination because of its price and contribution to global warming. The power needed to remove the salt from seawater accounts for up to 50 percent of the cost of desalination, and Australia relies on coal, a major emitter of greenhouse gases, to generate most of its electricity. Critics say desalination will add to the very climate change that is aggravating the country’s water shortage. To make desalination politically palatable, Australia’s plants are using power from newly built wind farms or higher-priced energy classified as clean. For households in cities with the new plants, water bills are expected to double over the next four years, according to the Water Services Association.”



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