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Poor Idaho job market underscores need for economic development July 23, 2010

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This story in the Idaho Statesman lays out some sad news about Idaho’s job market. Idaho was No. 6 among the worst markets in the Gallup Job Creation Index from January to June of this year.

In March, we released some updated economic figures for our proposed Payette nuclear plant. They show an annual commercial impact to Idaho’s economy of $5.3 billion during construction. Payette County would also see a dramatic increase of $4.8 billion, which is unprecedented in that part of Idaho.

During operations the study shows the state’s gross domestic product increasing by $3.58 billion (nearly seven percent of Idaho’s current GDP) and Payette County’s GDP rising by $3.43 billion. These revenues will increase year over year and are good for the life-expectancy of the plant, which is 60 years. The tax revenue is also impressive:  $140 million for the state, $84 million for the county.

In terms of employment opportunities, the findings show the proposed plant will provide thousands of jobs, with an average salary of $80,000.

Now more than ever, we need this nuclear plant in Idaho.



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