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AEHI’s Green World Water Signs Negotiation Agreement With Tubestar Oil and Gas on Nuclear Desalination System August 13, 2010

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Aug. 13, 2010 – Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:AEHI), a developer and marketer of innovative clean energy sources based in Eagle, ID, today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) between AEHI subsidiary Green World Water(TM), the developer of the world’s first commercial nuclear desalination system, and Tubestar Oil and Gas, one of the oilfield inspection services in India. The MOU will help determine the feasibility of building a nuclear desalination plant to supply clean water and power in India.

“This MOU is the first step in the negotiation process. It indicates that Tubestar is serious about working with AEHI and Green World Water. We offer something different from any other company in the world — a system that we anticipate will produce large amounts of clean water and power at the same time, which is the reason we are hearing from companies like Tubestar,” said Don Gillispie, AEHI CEO.

The agreement outlines a path for ongoing negotiations between the two companies though will not involve government officials until definitive terms are agreed upon. Any definitive agreement will be subject to approval from the Indian government.

We anticipate that the desalinization reactor being developed by Green World Water will have the ability to create large amounts of clean water and power simultaneously. Based on overall volume, the GWW reactor should be able to process enough salt water from the ocean to provide clean water for up to 1,000,000 people per day, and at an estimated cost of between 35 cents and 65 cents per cubic meter. Other sources such as coal, natural gas and wind cost between $2 and $12 per cubic meter and with much less reliability or greenhouse gas emissions.

“The MOU will give us the opportunity to fully demonstrate to Tubestar all of the potential benefits expected of the Green World Water desalinization reactor,” said Gillispie.

“The MOU will give us the opportunity to fully demonstrate to Tubestar all of the potential benefits expected of the Green World Water desalinization reactor,” said Don Gillispie, AEHI CEO

The Green World Water reactors being developed will be available in 650MWe and 1100MWe systems and are based on advanced western reactors that have thousands of collective years of successful operation in more than 75 percent of the world’s nuclear power plants.

These reactors will maintain enhanced safety standards and equipment, and AEHI and Green World Water anticipate that they will be able to produce enough power to process enough water to fill a reservoir 2 km wide, 0.6 km long and 10 meters deep every month while pumping the water hundreds of miles inland, if needed.

About Tubestar Oil and Gas — Tubestar Oil and Gas provides a comprehensive range of inspection services from an operational base in Mumbai, India. Covering the whole of the India, and neighboring countries, Tubestar provides inspection, repair and maintenance services, and calibration services. The company offers a range of offshore, Marine, Petro-Chemical inspection products, and technical expertise, which is supported by a worldwide alliance and joint venture companies.

About Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (http://www.AlternateEnergyHoldings.com) — Alternate Energy Holdings develops and markets innovative clean energy sources. The company is the nation’s only independent nuclear power plant developer seeking to build new power plants in multiple non-nuclear U.S. states. Other projects include Energy Neutral(TM), which removes energy demands from homes and businesses (http://www.EnergyNeutralinc.com), Colorado Energy Park (nuclear and solar generation), and Green World Water(TM), which assists developing countries with nuclear reactors for power generation (http://www.GreenWorld-H2O.com), production of potable water and other suitable applications.



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