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WARNING About Negative AEHI News October 5, 2010

Posted by cleanidahoenergy in setting the record straight, stock market.
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Anti-nuclear blogs and National Enquirer type financial websites try to hurt AEHI stockholders

You may have noticed lately financial blogs asking people to file SEC complains with no basis  and at least one on-line article written about AEHI, which are calculated attacks against our company and the work we are performing – simply because we want to build a nuclear plant.

Please pay close attention to the people being quoted and the statements that are being made as they represent an Idaho anti-nuclear group.  The names will become immediately familiar if you have been following AEHI even a short amount of time.  They are the same people who are often dismissed from public discourse by local officials because of their debunked arguments and frankly tiresome libelous statements, which always become personal attacks rather than honest debate.

But occasionally they are able to find a like-minded anti-nuke zealot in the media who is willing to publish their rants and that is what happens from time to time.

AEHI has been honest and above board in all its activities related to stock or financial dealings, which are regularly published as mandated by law because AEHI is a publicly-traded company.  Shares that are owned by CEO Don Gillispie and line officers were either purchased or offered in payment for services and none of those shares have ever been sold.

Every member of AEHI’s Board of Directors, Mr. Gillispie and even advisors to the board all have at least 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry, which includes building, operating, and maintaining nuclear power plants and utilities.  Their reputations have been vetted by national and international governments, which is required to work at their level in the industry.

Mr. Gillispie himself helped create the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), which is the world’s leading nuclear consulting company; a group that created many of the safety standards currently in place at nuclear power plants around the world.

These are proven leaders in the nuclear world who are not about to destroy their untarnished reputations or the reputation of AEHI.

Please look at the facts about AEHI not the rumor and innuendo of anti-nuclear zealots who will are unethical in their attacks. Remember they are not AEHI stockholders and never have been!

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1. Tweets that mention WARNING About Negative AEHI News « Alternate Energy Holdings Inc. -- Topsy.com - October 5, 2010

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2. Kathy Struble - October 6, 2010

There will always nay the nay sayers. Unfortunately, the tragedy in the past will always be around to haunt us. The technology is better now and there is more known about nuclear energy. This is just a bump in the road probably one of many. What is important is how the reaction will be from the pro energy people. this as a good time to keep focused and stay safe. Nuclear energy is here to stay, we just have to make to work for us

3. rmarg - October 11, 2010

Nuclear plants in the US have financial requirements from the NRC and the State government (e.g., decommissioning funds, Price Anderson requirements, etc.). Nuclear plants are already held to a higher level of accountability than other forms of generation. The energy community needs to get the message out.

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