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Alternate Energy Holdings Will Likely Benefit From November Elections, Global Energy and Water Crisis, Says WallStreetCorner.com October 25, 2010

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BOISE, Idaho, Oct 25, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (otcqb:AEHI) (www.aehipower.com), which develops and markets innovative clean energy sources, is “positioned to be a successful emerging growth company because after the November elections, the next U.S. Congress, newly-elected governors and state legislatures are predicted to be more favorable to helping the U.S. nuclear power sector grow, ushering in a new pro-nuclear power era. The global scarcity of water and energy is another reason why AEHI will certainly prosper and prove to be a winner in the years ahead,” stated Larry Oakley, Editor and Publisher of WallStreetCorner.com (www.WallStreetCorner.com) in a special situation column, “Larry Oakley’s Comment,” published today. The South Carolina-based international investment newsletter is distributed to investors in 96 countries.

“AEHI, based in Boise, Idaho, is the nation’s only independent nuclear power plant developer seeking to build new power plants in non-nuclear states. The company’s plans bode well for the nuclear power industry. Our government has become quite favorable to expansion of nuclear energy. With the November elections coming soon, both Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate want to put forth their approval of power from nuclear plants. I see a rather strong shift to nuclear power. There has also been a new wave of investor interest in companies associated with nuclear power. AEHI, in my opinion, will profit greatly from the present awareness of the advantages of nuclear energy,” stated Oakley.

On a global basis, Oakley discussed the company’s Green World Water(TM) subsidiary (www.GreenWorld-h2o.com), which is marketing the world’s first large commercial nuclear desalination reactor produced in China that have the ability to create large amounts of clean water and power simultaneously to meet the needs of entire communities. He cited a recent UN report indicating that shortages are already beginning to slow economic growth everywhere from California and China to Australia and India.

Oakley noted that AEHI’s CEO Don Gillispie views the global crisis as “bringing opportunities for companies like AEHI. The innovation and ingenuity of the private sector can solve this looming global problem — and make money for investors.”

Regarding the company’s shares, Oakley stated: “I was really upset when I saw the illegal shorting of AEHI shares incited by lies in a publication. One of my greatest concerns is the hateful things some shorters engage in to artificially make a stock’s share price go down so they can make more money when they cover their shorts. Fortunately, a highly respected news source, Pinnacle Digest (www.pinnacledigest.com), came to the rescue.” In his column, Mr. Oakley provided excerpts of Pinnacle’s investigative report on AEHI, which takes a very strong and positive position about the future of AEHI. As examples:



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